Safety Nets

- With the theft of property at houses, villas, apartments, companies, offices ... nowadays, it is quite popular with many methods, and sophisticated forms ... causing loss and damage to the property. products, dangerous to human life, especially children and the elderly, to protect the safety of your customers and your family, our company introduces you new solutions and products: BaoAnTS Anti-theft Safety Net

-Products of Balcony Boards are smart, not visible from a distance of over 15m, so-called invisible barriers, do not affect the vision and landscape architecture. This is the product of choice for the 21st century

BaoAnTS Stair Safety Net protects your family. Stairs occupy a very important position in your home, not merely a place to help you move and move but also contribute to the aesthetic of your home.

- BaoAnTS Window Safety Net protects young children made from specialized plastic-covered PS cables. BaoAnTS Window Safety Net has a nice advantage to ensure safety for young children